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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

XXXXXX Closes Saturday January 16, 2010

Ever since the multiple stabbing incident in September of 2009 the only day the XXXXXX has been profitable has been October 31, 2009. If I remember correctly they were well below earnings estimates for New Year's Eve.

For a once popular nightclub how could they afford to stay open? Obviously they could not.

I believe they will/should reopen in August 2010 under a new name and new management. It will be a crucial period for the company to be successful. With successful promoting the reputation of being the "Stab house" should have subsided by this time and hopefully competent management has taken over.

With the influx of new students many bars in Lethbridge stand to profit, although the declining number of students attending Lethbridge's post secondary schools has significantly declined over the last two years, some entertainment facilities are sure to go out of business.

To get back to being a successful nightclub I believe the XXXXXX should do the following:

+ Upgrade interior and renovate some areas (costly)
+ Upgrade sound system (costly)
+ Upgrade kitchen to accommodate better food (costly)
+ Have better live shows (music, comedy)
+ Hire more bouncers at opening so people feel safer (upgrade exterior lighting, include light shows on weekends)
+Promote special events via advertising

+ The building is huge, offer a different feel inside a smaller area of the club to operate throughout the day and open the bigger night club area on weekends or keep open throughout the week.
+Daily Specials

Many expenses need to be considered before reopening. Although renovation would be costly this could once again become a popular hot spot for the younger (and older) party goers.

I believe the major obstacle is reinventing the reputation of the bar.

Any other suggestions of what might bring them back into the spotlight?

The reality is that I could care less about this business. The XXXXXX was known for optimal pricing (based on how drunk you are and how much they think they can charge), which is basically ripping customers off.

The other Nighclubs in Lethbridge have been doing very well and I am happy for that to continue.


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