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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Offensive Comment / Response

I was offended by this comment and decided to respond by posting my response.

Anonymous said...
"Actually had you not complied and drove away you would have been charged with at least 2 more charges and probebly lost your job as the taxi would have been towed. What you should do is mind your own buisness instead of getting in the police's way you moron. If you dont like being a taxi driver and want to be some vigalante why dont you move to the states and fight injustice with dog the bounty hunter. Fuck you are a loser!"

The point is Freedom of Expression and complying with Canadian Laws.

I enjoy driving a taxi but at times there are dead spots and I become very bored. At this point I try to find some way to cure my boredom. I believe that I have never interfered with a police investigation what so ever.

I am no vigilante. I am trying to entertain myself. I find your comment rude and offensive, which I am sure I have been on many occasions.

I have allowed your comment calling me a "loser", etc, to remain based on the policy and law that I respect myself, that being Freedom of Expression.

My intentions are never to interfere with a Police Investigation and to comply fully with the Lethbridge Police Service, which I have done.

I may have said that I will not comply with the Lethbridge Police in the future but that is not the case. I only mentioned that I would not be compliant in a fit of rage I suppose (I was upset with the pending charges).

The reality is that the Lethbridge Police Officer acted with the utmost integrity and applied the law as he/she saw fit.

I still oppose the traffic ticket I was issued and will have my day in court.

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