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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Charges Pending

There was an apparent break and enter to the XXXXXX Pawn Shop earlier tonight. I did my usual take on the scene and was filming the Police Officers in the surrounding area. I drove into the alley, which was not blocked off by the police and continued with my filming.

A Police Officer noticed me in the alley near the back door of the XXXXXX and was checking me out with his flashlight as I drove by.

He must have seen the video camera otherwise nothing further would have happened. He yelled at me to stop and I complied and put the camera into the center console.

He came to my door and asked me what I was doing with the camera. I said I was just driving by and was recording the scene. He was pissed right off and demanded the camera. I was unsure of my rights at this point and complied by handing over the camera.

I appologized and complied fully.

The Officer decided to sieze my video camera and I now have charges pending against me in relation to; interferance with a police investigation, obstruction of justice, dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention (because I was filming while driving down the alley at 10km/hr).

What a bunch of BULL SHIT. There is little to no merit and I am sure the pending charges will not be realized. By the end of my shift the Police had offered my camera back but I am still required to appear at the police station today with the possibility of being arrested and charged with the above offences.

At one point I was not even sure I had been "pulled over" after I gave the officer my camera he did not ask me for any identification or anything and he walked away. I got out of the vehicle and he started yelling at me to get back in the car or he was going to put his cuffs on me and take me to jail.

I got back in the car, he came back a while later and asked me for some identification. I gave him my drivers liscence, he ran me through his system and came back and read me my rights and asked if I wanted a lawyer and on and on. I said I understood and had no comment.

This guy was on a serious power trip and I will not be compliant with the police in the future. I should have kept driving after he told me to stop, I could have said that I did not hear him. I should have refused to hand over my property without a warrant and on and on.

What I did was nothing more than drive down an alley with a video camera in hand. There is no way in hell this would ever go to court. In my defence I could bring a front page news article showing the police conducting an investigation with a photo from the Lethbridge Herald, zero difference as to what I was doing. As for holding the video camera while driving, there is little difference to talking on a cell phone while driving, which is not illegal in Alberta.

His reasoning for the obstruction charge was that I distracted him from watching the back door in case the suspect was inside, thereby giving the suspect the opportunity to flee and possibly attack the Officer. The Constable asked me whether I would have helped him if he were being attacked. I said that I would have helped. I think that pissed him off more.

I guess I should be thankfull I was not tazed and taken to jail.


John said...

You have to remember John, be very careful when uou are talking or no to a policeman. Remember he is a very big animal with little or no brains.

Good advice given to me, which I give to you free.

Anonymous said...

Well I have learned that I should not give up my rights so readily, as it shows weakness.

I should not have complied what so ever, that is the lesson I have learned. Had I not complied I would have drove away and nothing would have happened.

Anonymous said...

lethbridge cop are on a power trip as soon as they put on the uniform.probable the same one i delt with last night " all mighty and powerfull "

Anonymous said...

Actually had you not complied and drove away you would have been charged with at least 2 more charges and probebly lost your job as the taxi would have been towed. What you should do is mind your own buisness instead of getting in the police's way you moron. If you dont like being a taxi driver and want to be some vigalante why dont you move to the states and fight injustice with dog the bounty hunter. Fuck you are a loser!

taxiguy said...

You sound like the police officer that was involved with this matter.

me or him said...

that's what I was thinking.


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