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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve

I had a decent night tonight, it was as busy as expected. I was suprised at how sober people seemed to be and only a few people throughout the night seemed to have had far too many drinks.

As the night wore on people seemed to be getting drunker and drunker. From 2-5am the progression of drunkeness was pretty amazing.

A few random recollections.

-    This one couple wanted to get a hotel room with a stop at the XXXXXX so they could get some munchies, while on the way to the store they decide they just want to go back to XXXXXX. I said that is was around 95 dollars but that I was unwilling to take them out there because it was so busy in the city (going out of town is my choice). They persisted and I said the only way I was going out there was for $200.

It was after 1am in the morning and it was busy, why would I want to leave town on an icey hiway for an hour with likely no tip because the payment is made before I leave. I felt kinda bad for asking for twice the rate and I actually went into the XXXXXX and up to the front desk and told them if they wanted to go I would take them for $100, which is practically the rate. The guy could only come up with $85 or $90. I said it was $100 and he said "it is only ten dollars", and I said "thats right, it is only ten dollars more", well he called me a "jew bastard" and on and on, so I walked away and left the hotel.

I was on another trip about a hour later and the same couple were at the XXXXXX by the XXXXXX, they came up to me while my customers were in the store and asked again to go to Fort Macloud, I again told them the rate and informed them I was on another trip. He said he was now willing to pay and I did not care. I reminded him about calling me a "jew bastard" and other things and wished him luck getting a cab to take him there, I do not believe be got to Fort Macloud and likely did not get a hotel room otherwise why would he be at the 7-11 an hour later?

-     I picked up from the XXXXXX at 3:00am maybe, two couples had decided to share a cab. They were pretty cool and I enjoyed the trip, the first couple gave me $15 towards the fare and once we arrived on the West side the fare was $31.00. The guy gave me $30 and his girlfriend had to run in for a few bucks for a tip. I feel bad because I completely forgot that the first couple had already given me $15 and I am sure the second couple had forgotten also. I am not in the business of ripping people off and it was an honest mistake. After meeting back up with the two XXXXXX at the XXXXXX and many other things running through my mind I completely forgot.

I intend on rectifying the situation by going back to the place where the second couple overpaid me to return the $15, or at least most of it. ( XXXXXX Court if you forget, far right, corner, 0002112150)

-     I was driving Northbound on 12 street South around 4th avenue when I see a guy trying to flag me down, I kept driving and his buddy comes out of no where a little ways futher down the road and walks right in front of me trying to flag me down, I hit the brakes but it was very icey and I was within a couple inches of hitting him hard with the car, he was very lucky he managed to get out of the way, I was looking in the rear view mirror and saw him throwing what may have been a beer bottle at my car.

-     It seemed as though I rarely went to the bars but looking back on the night I had my fair share, in my opinion it seemed as though there were much more house parties than people going out to the bar. I took a couple early to the XXXXXX. They had an illusionist there tonight as well as a prime rib dinner. The XXXXXX looked pretty quite, I would say it was dead. The XXXXXX has quickly become the cool place not to be.

Other than Halloween night the XXXXXX has been dead since those 5 people were stabbed outside the bar.

XXXXXX was packed tonight and the XXXXXX did well. I never went to XXXXXX or the XXXXXX once (not to say they were not busy).

A lot of pubs seemed quiet tonight and I think a lot of people decided to do the house party thing. I had far less "no trips" (people not being there) than last year.

-    I arrived at a residence and the lights were on an it appeared that people were there. I noticed a wheelchair ramp and went to knock on the door, at least to announce my presense and perhaps offer assistance. I could see some movement in the house and waited a couple minutes, this guy walks out in his undearwear and informs me that I am no longer neaded, it was not the first time tonight and I was just suprised he came out in his briefs in minus 20 degree weather to tell me that.

-   I spent my new year dropping off a few people at XXXXXX and taking some guy home from XXXXXX, what a gay name for a bar. The guy told me he was cut off, apparantly not because of his liquor intake but rather his political views. He seemed ok but told me he may have to open the door to puke, I asked him to let me know so I could pull over for him, he said I did not need to pull over because he was able to open the door and puke, at any speed.

-   I somewhat witnessed an accident on Whoop Up Drive tonight, while passing the scene someone had stopped to offer assistance and it appeared that the individual driving the white truck had lost control on the icy road, hit a barrier, and lost a wheel, crazy.

-    Airport to XXXXXX Canyon, nice people, I would have liked to ask you as many questions as you asked me, next time I will.

All in all a good night, people were friendly.  I did not get punched in the face by anyone like last year

-    One on my coworkers tonight announced that he had been assaulted, from what I gathered he was on a stop at the Park Meadows XXXXXX, when someone apparantly assaulted him and the police were brought in and the suspect was arrested while someone else arrived to pick up the driver`s customers. I look forward to hearing the first person account of the incident.

I need to get to sleep, Nicely done Canadian Juniors last night, I was more than impressed.


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