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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Charges Dropped

What I received as a result of my actions was a $172 traffic ticket and about 40 minutes talking with the Officer at the Police Station.

Prohibited operation of vehicles, etc.

115 - (2) A person shall not do any of the following:  (i) where that person is the driver of a vehicle, permit any person, animal or thing to occupy the front seat of the vehicle in such a manner so as to impede the driver in the free and uninterrupted access to and use of the steering wheel, brakes and other equipment required to be used for the safe operation of the vehicle;

I intend to plead not guilty to the ticket and defend myself in court. From the video you can clearly see that I had uninterrupted access to the steering wheel, brakes, signal lights, etc. Driving was my number one priority and as you can see from the very poor quality of the video that filming was not the priority.

What I did was no different than using a cell phone or operating a manual gear shifter.

I will post the video as soon as I edit it because I promised not to reveal the identity of the officers on this site. Also older posts are under review and may be edited to comply with our agreement.


Anonymous said...

Hey I hope you don't go deleting a bunch of stuff if a cop tells you to. A a cop once told me "If cops were smart they'd be lawyers". Just because they say something doesn't mean it's true or correct.

You sound pretty scared. I didn't know our city cops were such paranoid fascists. What's the dicks name? I bet it was the same one who I saw yelling at Tim Horton's drive though staff for not giving him free coffee and doughnuts. He was EXPECTING it to be free since he's a cop and when they told him it wasn't He freaked out and said well he didn't have his wallet with him, and he drove off steaming mad. Good for the staff. They shouldn't have to take that kind of abuse.

taxiguy said...

I have deleted nothing but have not posted any videos that have shown the faces of any officers, although I may in the future.

Out of respect for the Lethbridge Police Service I have not posted any video identifying any officer while on duty.

If I can not find free software to black out the "police presence" then I will post the video without any discretion.

Anonymous said...

If they are in public they are fair game IMO. Is that what they are complaining most about?

taxiguy said...

The officer was concerned that family and friends would be able to identify the officers and he was mostly concerned about that.

I have never intended to expose any police officers handling of any case what so ever (unless they are in fact themselves breaking the law).

In fact I have many videos that I have not posted prior to speaking with the police that basically show a police response and eventually an arrest.

My intent here has very little to do with the police.

Perhaps sometime in the future all of my videos will be available, but in the mean time I will respect the agreement that I have with the police.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Mabey you should send them to me to post.

Anonymous said...

Most times I open the Calgary Herald and there is a picture of a police officer, no difference here.


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