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Monday, February 15, 2010


The XXXXXX Stone was packed tonight. From what I heard from my customers the bouncers were raking in the profits for "cash in hand let me in"/ preferential treatment. Apparently $40 got a group of five into the bar without having to wait in line (which is not obsurd).

I can almost be sure that the owners of the XXXXXX Stone had zero intention of their bouncers being differential towards certain people. If there is a cover then there is a cover. If there is no cover and the bouncers are charging at the door they are making 100% profit.

To the owners of the XXXXXX Stone: You have two days a week to be profitable, you fuck up those days by taking advantage of people, especially by your "bouncers". If you allow this behaviour you are stupid bar owners.

Yes you made money but your staff has taken advantage of your customers and repeat business is questionable.

UPDATE: September 19/2010... You are now BANKRUPT... congrats.

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