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Monday, October 8, 2012

Mistaken Identity

I have not posted for a while because this is a thankless blog. I receive far more negative emails and comments than I care to read.

This homeless fuck has been trying to figure me out for the past year and I feel bad for the guy he thinks is writing this current post. I don't exactly understand all of this guys emails but he is a complete fuck up as far as I am concerned. The most current email...

"Marcel Trinkaus stays at the Lethbridge Shelter.
I know because I am there as well but doesn't look like he might be staying there much longer.
Due to him posting something he wasn't.
So if anyone wants to beat him down that's a good place to start."

Yeah you are mistaken, I am not Marcel Trinkaus, and if I was I wouldn't give two shits about saying I am not him. My point is go beat up and kill someone else you piece of shit, tired of your threatening comments not even directed towards me because you think I am someone else.

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