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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Puker

This guy walked out of boss hoggs the other day and spewed his guts out in the parking lot, I was the only cab around at the time and I thought I should just take off because I knew he would be wanting a ride soon, he had a couple of friends with him and they came over and asked if I could take their friend, I said I didn't have a bag or anywhere for him to puke and was going to say no, they convinced me otherwise I guess, well the guy that puked came over and said he was ok and what not, I said I would take him home and rolled his window down and told him if he had to puke to ask me to stop or just do it out the window, well I guess he got tired of having the window open so he rolled it up, he was hiccuping along the way and every bump we his I though he was going to lose his stomach again, it is nerve racking because I knew he had already pucked once, why not a second time in the taxi? it turned out fine, pretty rare people actually puke in the taxi, I am talking like 0.03 percent of fares or less.

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