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Monday, January 16, 2012

Good to Go

This past weekend I was very nervous driving again. I was timid to say the least. After a few trips I started feeling more comfortable. It can be nerve racking picking up random people off the street. I just never know what kind of mood folks are in, how much they have had to drink, or what kind of drugs they have ingested.

For the most part I had a pretty good weekend. The students were back in town for the second semester and the bars were busy. I had many trips to the University of Lethbridge and surrounding area. I picked up a girl from Pulse and she was upset that she had forgotten her ID. I am pretty sure she was trying not to let me notice her crying but I did.

I picked up another young woman from Pulse and she called her boyfriend on the way home. He was instructed to come over to her house so he could literally get his ass waxed. She was going to heat up the wax when she got home. I thought it was strange but who am I to judge. I do some pretty strange things sometimes.

My last two nights ended with trips out to Coaldale and Coalhurst. I am very glad those guys did not attempt the drive.

I have noticed many people are still driving drunk and getting DUI's, crashing into poles, etc. Not sure that the new legal limit for alcohol tolerance has had much effect on people.

On another note I was approached to shoot a porn scene(s) in the taxi. I was informed of different scenarios that they seemed interested in doing. One included me driving around while they were filming and the girl would basically pick up a random guy off the street to do the scene with. I think that would be pretty interesting to be honest and have not ruled it out. I will not mention it again unless it actually happens.

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