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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random Encounter

Do you think I took advantage of this woman? I don't believe I did but it is unlikely I will do this sort of thing again...

So I picked up this young woman from Studio 54 around 12:01 AM a couple of days ago and on the way to the University Residence she stopped at a bank machine. She couldn't get any cash and decided that she was going to walk to the West side of town (not a short walk).

I watched her walk off and she was only wearing a skimpy little purple dress and she was by herself. I decided I would just take her home for free. I pulled up along side her and told her I would do just that.

She got in a we were off to the West side. We started talking and by the time we had gotten to the University Residence she had invited me in for a beer. I declined and declined and finally said I have some beer in the back (that someone had given me as a tip the week before) and decided to hang out with her for a bit.

So we were sitting in the University parking lot and she had convinced me to have a beer with her (it ended my taxi driving night right there, I didn't care to work much anyway). So we were drinking our beers and chatting away for at least an hour. Damn she was so sexy. At one point she grabbed my hand and was holding it on top of her legs. So after about an hour of just chatting in the taxi she asked me to come inside her dorm. I agreed and parked the taxi and followed her into her place.

Once inside we sat down on the futon couch type thing and I observed that she and others had been playing sociables earlier in the evening, the rules were written down on a piece of paper and there were playing cards on the coffee table, also there were empty bottles around.

She was getting kind of flirty and we started making out on the couch. I noticed that her blinds were open and as she lives on the bottom floor it was easy for people to see inside. She wasn't concerned at all and I really didn't care either. We made out for some time and she was getting pretty touchy feely as she was grinding and bouncing on top of me. I was having fun with this woman but at one point I looked into her eyes and her pupils her very dilated and I didn't think that she was going to remember much of what was currently happening. So I stopped myself from taking it any further and our clothes stayed on.

Also during this time we were interupted by some random people that came into her dorm, which was shared with two other people. I met two other woman and a guy (they did not live with her). There were three guys that came in (so I didn't meet them all) and went into another womans bedroom. I have no clue what they were doing in there but I didn't really care. I figured after they were probably just pranking their friend or something.

So they left and we wrapped things up. She wanted to go outside for a cigarette so we went and sat in the vehicle. We went for a little drive. We were parked in a pretty secluded area on the University grounds and she was crawling into the back to grab another beer. Such a nice up skirt view by the way. Well she got her leg stuck somehow and I had to assist her in getting free. I have no idea how she managed to get as solidly stuck as she was but it happened. She got free and we tried to chase this porcupine around on foot (sort of).

So we get back to her building and say our goodbys. I was watching her to make sure that she got inside ok when all of a sudden she comes running back and says that she had lost her key. She started freaking out and was telling me about her problems she has/is faced/facing with bulimia and how she spent a year in a wheelchair and is currently suicidal and wants to kill herself. Holy fuck what a change of attitude. I didn't really know what to say or what to do.

I am not going into detail about that but I gave her a hug. It was such a sad story it made me cry a bit. I felt so sad for this girl. I just wanted to help her out. So we talked for another couple hours. At around 4:30am I convinced her maybe it was time to go to sleep and I helped her to the back door of her building where she said she could get in. This whole time I assumed she had been locked out because she forgot her key and was saying how it costs $300 to replace. Once we get to the back door we said goodbye again and gave each other a hug. Then she pulls out a key and opens the door. What the fuck? I think she just completely made that part up to continue hanging out with me. I wasn't just going to leave her without a key stuck outside her place.

Anyway, that was pretty much that. Just a random encounter with a stranger. I really did enjoy the conversation I had with her and she seemed really nice. Kinda feel bad about writing about it. I would have liked to have taken things further with this woman but as I have said before I never take advantage of anyone. For the most part she seemed ok but there were tell tale signs she had a few too many drinks.

So my question remains...

Do you think I took advantage of this woman?

I think not.

Did I make a bad judgement call. Yes.


Dustin said...

Nope, sounds like you did the right thing!

Dustin C.

Anonymous said...

You did good taxi guy

Dawn said...

Oh my, where can I get something this good with a nice taxi driver like yourself? Free ride, free beer, great night. 'Cept her little freak out. But you handled it all well, what a gentleman!


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