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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homeless in Lethbridge

I was looking for prostitutes in downtown Lethbridge last night and came across this guy.

It was quite clear that he was struggling and was not equipped to survive sleeping on the street over night in  minus 14 degree Celsius temperatures.

I drove to the police station to make a complaint.

Four police cruisers arrived on the scene (I did not say he was robbing the place). He was just passed out and unequipped to survive in the frigid temperature.

The police were not happy that I was filming him being questioned and subsequently arrested.

An officer reversed and pulled up right beside me to ask me what I was doing. I responded to the effect "I am just minding my business, have I done something wrong?" The officer seemed pretty pissed off that I was filming, he reversed out of the parking stall and came to a stop immediately behind me (blocking me in). He was clearly running my plates to find out who I was.

At that point I was trying to film the individual getting arrested and led to the police cruiser when my camcorder went dark and would not record. What is up with that? I have never had any problem with it and I believe that somehow the police had the technology to censor my recording.

In addition. I only contacted the police because I felt that this persons welfare was in jeopardy. Had the temperature been much warmer I would not have given the situation a second thought.

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