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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Friday Saturday Randoms

I have been in hiatus with my posts so here are a couple randoms from this weekend.

I picked up a woman and her luggage from a house on the Westside at 1:30am. On our way to XXXXXX I asked her what was up and she said she was leaving her boyfriend for her girlfriend. She also mentioned that her boyfriend did not know she was leaving him. It was interesting, she was telling me that you have to do what you have to do to be happy, and if people don't accept it fuck them (about being gay). Her lesbian lover was waiting with open arms in XXXXXX.

On a side note judging by appearance only there was no loss to heterosexual men.


I picked up this man and woman from the XXXXXX area. I started driving them home and something was up, she was crying. Out of no where she asks me to pull over, this other guy reluctantly gets in and there is some serious tension in the cab. I have a real good suspision that she had caught him cheating on her.


I picked up this woman from the Northside. She gets in the car and says to the effect "hey sweetie, how are you doing tonight, are we gonna party or what?"

I initially assumed that she was a hooker based solely on her appearance, drunkeness, and attitude. I was actually planning on asking for a deposit on the fare. I didn't because she wanted to hit up a liquor store and come back home. I figured if she had money for liquor she had money for me.

So we get the liquor and are back on the way to her place. She has been flirting with me the entire time. Before we arrive at her house she plain as day asks me to come into her house to have some fun. I was taken back and responded poorly (I can not remember what exactly I said).

Anyway we are sitting in her driveway and she is trying to get me to have a shot of liquor in the taxi, obviously I declined. She again asked me to "come in for a beer", I told her I wasn't interested in her HUSBAND comming home and kicking the shit out of me.

She was actually quite attractive and really had me going, but also very drunk and married. Her last ditch effort to try to get me to come in was to pull down her shirt and start playing with her boobs.

So yeah that was that, suprisingly she never once tried to touch me. I forgot to mention that she only had half of the fare so she gave (or I took) six of her beer, one of which I am drinking at the moment thanking myself for not banging that drunk XXXXXX woman on her couch.

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