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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sent to the XXXXXX Again - RANT

I was sent to the dreaded XXXXXX Bar at around 11:15pm. It was clear as day multiple drug deals were going on right in front of me. I could not believe the brazeness. I don't know if the white guy was soliciting the hooker or buying crack, but he gave her his cell phone to make a phone call (likely a drug deal).

This other XXXXXX/hooker was saying she wanted a "brown bag" to the hooker on the phone with the dealer.

I know this stuff happens at the XXXXXX everynight, EVERY NIGHT, sometimes you might see a police officer on a bike or even the downtown beat unit or a hurse at the bar, but for what I see the police have been letting them do their deals around the bar for some time.

If I havn't said it before, which I am sure I have, the XXXXXX bar is definately for the lowest of the low and is occupied by approximately 90 percent XXXXXX at any given time. I would estimate 9 percent of the XXXXXX poeople that occupy the bar, other than staff (suprisingly) are looking to score crack or bang an HIV infested prostitute.

XXXXXX is working all the time now, police need to get her off the street because she is infecting everyone I am sure.

If you are seriously desperate and low enought to bang this crack whore you deserve to die a slow death from aids.


I basically wanted to say, before I was sidetracked, that I am happy our direct line is broken in the bar. I ended up loading the trip and they went to the Exhibition, on the way for some reason the XXXXXX Liquor outlet had a suspended liscence (I meant to get a picture of that because it is extrememly unusual) and was closed.

I said I didn't believe the exhibition was open but they insisted that XXXXXX (vlt casino) was open. Ok fine I took them and watched them get denied at the gate while looking at the sign that said "Gates Close at 11:00pm."

I laughed my ass off and could have cared less.

I had to break a hundred for this women, so I have a good feeling that the taxpayers of Canada were paying for her night out on the town.

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