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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lethbridge XXXXXX Store Robbery Gone Wrong?

Something definitely wrong happened in, or just outside, the Lethbridge XXXXXX on 6TH Ave and 5Th Street South.

From what I have heard someone tried to rob the liquor store and/or steal something.

I have known the owner/manager to have a double thick hockey shaft sized bat behind the counter to apprehend potential thieves and burglars.

Apparently the suspect tried to rob the liquor store and the Manager XXXXXX intervened and subdued at least one of the criminals, either killing him in the process or putting him in the hospital.

I followed the ambulance to the hospital and they were in no emergency, but perhaps a hurry because I could not quite keep up.

There were at least 5-7 police vehicles involved in the aftermath. The CSI van later arrived on the scene.

So I guess the lesson is, if you are going to rob a liquor store you face the possibility of getting killed in the process, or at least fucked up big time in this case.

I really can not stop thinking about it. I remember seeing the woman who works there with her head down on the curb outside the liquor store, as well as XXXXXX who was wearing his emergency jacket, which I have never seen him wear before (it was the kind of overthrow an emergency highway worker or a conscientious tow truck driver would wear. TO BE SEEN.

I had a fare a short time later around three blocks from the crime scene and I immediately was thinking "that is very close to the incident", I wondered briefly if I was the eventual getaway plan or something worse...


The trip was cool... an XXXXXX Highway Asphalter home for a few days after working on the road in Red Rose or something... near some small town with a D.

The first place he wanted to go was the Lethbridge XXXXXX store, which was within 45 minutes of the incident. I told him about it and thought that it would be an interesting opportunity to get closer to the scene and maybe gather additional evidence. No evidence was gathered.

I drove as close as I could to the front door and asked two uniformed police officers "I know this is probably a dumb question, but is the liquor store still open?". It was not still open, but did re-open later in the evening.

AMATEUR VIDEO OF POLICE PRESENCE (immediate scene, not including outer perimeter).

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