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Friday, May 1, 2009


I have read your message to me, a few times, and I have a response for you.

I believe your message was truthful and accurate. I also believe your message was full of racism. Perhaps you have become accustomed to XXXXXX people ripping you off or committing crimes, sometimes against you.

I have equally been ripped ripped off by XXXXXX and XXXXXX people. Perhaps I am able to recognize a bad trip and have not been ripped off by XXXXXX as much as you have, but I doubt that because you have been driving for much longer than I have.

I really am not quite sure how to respond to your letter. You say that Lethbridge is not racist, although within the letter you sent you are somewhat/very racist yourself.

Of course neither you or I want to admit it but I believe that most XXXXXX people in Lethbridge are racist towards XXXXXX.

It only takes one negative experience.

I grew up in a multicultural community and have had and still have friends that are Hindi, muslin, black, Chinese, etc. After becoming a cab driver in Lethbridge I honestly believe that has caused me to become prejudice and even racist towards certain XXXXXX.

I have had a few drinks tonight and normally I do not speak about this issue. I agree with you that it is mostly the select few XXXXXX that do not give a shit about themselves that portray a negative image about their race.

In conclusion I have to disagree with you that there is not racism in Lethbridge towards the XXXXXX population. Most people that I speak with are racist towards natives.

I am saddened that I live in a community where racism against XXXXXX is abundant.

Also I have no idea who you are and that is OK with me.


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