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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Statuatory Rape - My Bad - 8 Minute Recording

If you have ever wondered what driving a taxi is like here is a random example.

Thank you Mr. Law graduate from Queens University for enlightening me about what Statutory Rape actually means.

I assumed that Statutory Rape meant any rape without consent. I now understand that Statutory Rape means the rape of a minor.

I now understand why you mentioned the 12 year old niece at Christmas time as an example.

I definitely feel like a complete DUMB ASS!!!

At minute 0:57 did you not say you had gay sex at the XXXXXX? and when asked "what" by Monique did you not try to dismiss what you had just said?

At 3:18 I find out you are a "lawyer" and you disclose your credentials and I make my stupid comment.

After 6:25 there is nothing worth viewing.



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