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Monday, April 27, 2009

Vietnam Veteran

This was definitely the most unusual trip I have had for some time. I flagged three males from the XXXXXX bus depot. The older war veteran had a walker and I think he was intoxicated and had some mental issues.

The trip began by looking for a prostitute. The older guy was looking for a hooker and did not want to give up because he needed pussy to prove that he was not gay. There were no hookers available downtown and I asked my dispatcher to phone a certain escort agency.

Apparently the escort page was ripped out of the phone book at the office and the dispatcher was unable to get me the number.

After giving up on looking for a hooker we went to the liquor store so they could get more beer.

I look back on it now and knew at the time it was quite strange that they had no luggage. No change of clothes, no nothing. I asked where they were coming from and they would not say.

I was scared right off the get go because the guy was telling me about murdering people and slashing there necks. Fuck me was I ever freaked out. If it was not for the decent nephew the trip would have ended much sooner. Also the police were staking out the XXXXXX which made me a little suspicious. While loading these passengers the bus driver was looking at me. The scene was very strange and I immediately became suspicious and the red flag was raised.

He eventually mentioned that the kid had a bomb and he was forced to slit his throat, what you hear in the recording is that he blew his head off, but I am pretty sure there was more than one "kid" that he killed in the war. It was a completely fucked up trip. I recorded the very end once we arrived at the hotel and he broke down on me.

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