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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random - edit not on ipad

It was busy last night with the NHL hockey playoffs (Vancouver vs. Flames game 2 first round). Add to that last clash bash at the UofL and I was steady most of the night.

The one random trip that was most memorable was this girl and her 3 friends that had gotten in and the woman in the front said xxx Columbia Blvd. West and I proceeded on my way.

I immediately asked if I had driven her home from Studio 54 the night earlier and she immediately asked if she had taken a guy home with her the night before.

That kind of explained a few things for me she had gotten in the taxi at Studio 54 and was absolutely stunning I get nervous every time I  drive a beautiful women home and always have. I asked her how her night was and she said "I am too old to be here".

The conversation stalled fairly quickly and I mentioned or asked a couple questions on the way to the Westside with pretty much zero response from her. I was kinda not sure what to say so I said nothing for the rest of the trip (if people don't want to talk I can't legally force them to converse with me).

Where was I yeah she didn't remember tonight if she had taken a guy home with her the night earlier and at that point I realized how messed up she was the next get before and had hid it quite well and her lack of any social conversation had nothing to do with me.

I mentioned to the woman a couple of small details about her question and was instructed to say nothing further, absolutely no problem. I guess I just didn't realize you were as messed up as you were. I would rather hear "I don't want to talk" than just hearing no response at all well still fully functioning.

Well we got into the whole kidnapping/whatever else and they thanked me for not taking advantage of anyone, seriously I want to know about this you should not have to thank me for not assaulting you or a loved one I am not about that but it kinda makes me think the s sort of thing is happening regularly in Lethbridge and I am disappointed.

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