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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Taxi Party Time

Well for lack of a better title here goes one of my most interesting encounters.

Picked up two young males and a young female from around Studio 54 Nightclub. I was instructed to go a block or two away while the guy made his phone calls and what not and I was hoping he was going to be quick.

The guy in the front started making numerous calls and no one would answer and the male and female in the backseat could not get enough of each other. When things started getting hot and heavy in the back I started up and was saying "what is the plan?" and "where are you going exactly?" and "what do you want me to do"?

At this point I was thinking what the fuck this is going know where fast and I was getting agitated.

These guys were not from town and were just trying to figure out their situation for the night and where they were going. After maybe 10 phone calls to friends zero answered and in the meantime buddy and his date were making out hard in the backseat.

I was getting upset with just sitting and doing nothing while they were arguing their plan and the young woman piped up and said it was cool for the both of them to come to her moms house and she was going to drive them home in the morning, which happened to be like an hour and a half away.

So buddy in the front seat wants no part of it. I kinda wanted to say at this point to stop cock blocking his bro but they were obviously good friends I convinced the guy in the front to go to the girls house
so basically the couple could have sex.

It was escalating between them about how they were going to get home and what the fuck.

I'll tell you what the girl they were with was so accommodating and the guy in the front was cock blocking for sure, hell she even called a friend over to her moms house to fuck her "dates" friend. He started going into her racially a little bit and there was an argument.

Well long story short is she and or them paid me to wait while the dude and his girl went into her mothers house to have sex, while I was sitting with the friend.

He gave me a beer and whatever why not I drank one with him and told him I didn't care if he did a line in the backseat as he had requested.

We chatted and had a cigarette and his buddy was apparantly texting him while having sex with this girl and he said he would be out soon.

So buddy and I are standing outside this residence waiting for his friend to finish fucking this girl that he had obviously just met at the club and he comes out and gets in my car.

Buddy asks "so did you fuck her"? His reply was "Yes but I didn't get to finish because her mom kept coming downstairs and they were yelling in Korean at each other or what not". So pretty much they just met and fucked each other while her mom was yelling at her. How romantic.

Well the dude I was "hanging out with" was pissed off and we started on our journey to get to where
they were going.

Guy gets in and there is cocaine everywhere in my backseat and he is questioning me about it I said I didn't give a shit and they were careful to acknowledge I wasn't breaking any driving laws.

I allowed them to do perhaps a couple 8 balls of cocaine, I really enjoyed it.

Hard to edit on Google but I allowed them to do more cocaine than I have ever seen anyone do.

So I get these guys to where they need to go after the one guy fucked his girl. I allowed them to party in my car and the cocaine was busted out and I said I did not care at all. They gave me another drink  and we smoked and it was cool listening to EDM music with these guys while they were high as fuck. Turns out the one guy is in the WHL. I even looked him up later to confirm and sure enough he is on the roster. Awesome guys but they went straight on driving back to hometown drunk and clearly intoxicated on drugs.

Hope they made it.

Last thing... They were not members of the Lethbridge Huricaines.

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