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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Court Date for Traffic Ticket

I forgot to mention I did not have to pay the $172 ticket I was issued a few months back.

I was lucky because the police officer decided to be lenient and gave me a lesser ticket than careless driving.

I went to court and asked the Crown Prosecutor for a reduction on the ticket, he agreed to around $60 off. I declined and went to trial where the police officer and I presented our evidence.

I successfully argued that I was able to operate the steering wheel, braking system, and signaling device.

The magestrate (I do not believe he was a Judge) decided I was not guilty of the ticket I was issued but he would have found me guilty of careless driving.

I am happy I was found not guilty but did learn my lesson and will not film while driving again.

Prior posts about the incident. (video)

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