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Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Couple of Days Back..../ Parked Car Incident

I was pretty nervous on Friday night. I had not driven a taxi for around 4 months and was worried I would fuck up somehow or not remember where even the simplest of places were.

My second trip I picked up a family at XXXXXX. I got out of the car to help with the groceries and immediately noticed the daughter, she was maybe 18ish. She was wearing a revealing top and must have had EEE  tits (if there is such a size)  just dangling from her young chest. My god I tried my best not to look but just could not help myself.

So this girl decides to get in the front with me while her mom and guy get in the back. Long story short I was nervous. I mean come on, having the most gigantic tits flopping around on a young woman right beside you while her mom is in the backseat is nerve racking.

So I was about two houses away from their place when BAM! I hit a parked car, the noise was loud and it was obvious. I acknowledged that I thought I hit the vehicle on this narrow side street while passing an oncoming vehicle. I got paid and they said the other car was too far away from the curb, which it may have been but I still hit the fucking thing.

I helped them with their groceries and had a "second, or third and fourth, look if you will", I know I probably sound like a pervert right about now but that is untrue, I am just male.

So I went to look at the car I hit and there was no damage whatsoever, our mirrors had contacted each other and there was nothing further to be done.

If I have anything else to say about this post it is this... to the mother "I know it must be hard, and perhaps even expensive, finding a suitable bra for your daughter but you have to come up with something, next time I am going to pop a huge boner while I unload your toilet paper and other shit. I only wish she had somehow drowned so I could have given her mouth to mouth.


I met a guy Friday that was telling about when the XXXXXX was foreclosed by the bank and the new owners had found about 30 mattresses in the basement, along with syringes and crack pipes. He promised to get a hold of me so I could upload the photos that were taken, I am unsure whether that will happen or not but I believe the story, which may be completely false. If I had the pictures I would be able to prove the story, but until then it is just here say.


Saturday night was slow as hell, I think I made three dollars during my first two hours on shift. It ended up as a somewhat decent night. Basically I worked for eight hours for absolutely nothing but was rewarded handsomely during my last few hours during the bar scene.

XXXXXX was crazy tonight and I believe that when XXXXXX opens next week they will lose a lot of business. Apparently DJ. XXXXXX is playing the old XXXXXX for their opening.

That's enough for me tonight.

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