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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pulse Nightclub Opens August 27th, 2010

Pulse Nightclub opened their doors for business last night in Lethbridge with mostly positive reviews.

Some people were disappointed they did not make more changes to the former Roadhouse Bar and Grill (AKA  The Stab House). One such customer said "All they did was paint the walls grey and threw up a couple of banners".

Other customers commented on the increased security and in general most people seemed to have had a great time.

Another customer said "It doesn't smell like piss anymore, it actually smells clean, they moved the men's washroom to a more central location and added additional stalls so guys can piss, puke, and bleed in a more convenient location".

XXXXXX suffered the most notable loss in business to Pulse and I fully expect that trend to continue. In my opinion XXXXXX is a hole in the wall and it would not take much for Pulse to provide a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

I am not surprised a lot of my suggestions of what they should do with the building actually happened (link to post).

I believe Pulse will continue to be a popular hot spot for the younger crowd, as the Roadhouse once was.

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