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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party Bus Allegedly Pulled Over For Underage Drinking...

A XXXXXX Limousine party bus was pulled over Monday evening before midnight at 3rd Avenue South and 5th Street.

At first it appeared as though the police were dumping liquor on the ground outside of the vehicle. I pulled up beside the scene a fair distance away and could hear someone say "Is anyone here eighteen" (I am unsure whether or not it was the police or a passenger). The police were interrogating the passengers as they were lined up on the sidewalk with multiple police officers on the scene. There were approximately twenty passengers.

At least four police cruisers were involved in the situation as well as two bike patrol officers.

The crowd slowly dispersed after questioning and a female passenger was especially upset about the incident. The police dumped a lot of liquid onto the street (I am sure it must have been alcohol). At one point there was liquid being dumped directly from the rear underside of the vehicle. I was unsure of what it was but it was streaming from the bus, maybe there is a built in bar with a keg or something on the bus.

Anyway.... I do not believe any arrests were made but I do believe that the driver of the party bus received some sort of ticket because he was looking at a piece of paper as he walked back to his bus from the police cruiser.

The people that were on the bus dispersed into Galt Gardens.

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