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Friday, August 12, 2011

Have You Seen This Guy?

I don't have a picture but I see him riding his bike all the time. He wears this white hockey type helmet with a paintball mask and he rides his bike around mostly on the North side.

He ALWAYS has at least one other bike that he is holding with his hand while he rides. I have seen him once with two extra bikes.

This guy had some weird licence plate attached to his bike. I would just like to know what this guys deal is? Is he challenged in some way? Does he ride around stealing little kids bikes? Does he always have an extra bike in case one breaks down? Or what?

I intend to try to approach him next time just to meet him and ask why.


Anonymous said...

He is lives in a group home on 9th ave N. He is mentally challenged. I have seen him riding around for years now. Is interesting to see what sort of bike invention he will make next. He is in his own little world of BMX. One of Lethbridge's many interesting folks.

taxiguy said...

Thank you for that. I figured it might be something like that.

Anonymous said...

his nickname is turtle, never really knew buddy growin up but did see him around often


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