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Friday, August 12, 2011

September is Approaching Fast

I really don't have a reason for writing this other than I have been thinking about the business a lot lately and am really wondering whether or not I am up for it again.

I have seen such an influx of taxi companies in the last few years. When I first started there were three companies: A+ Taxi, Royal Taxi, and Lethbridge Cabs/Fifth Avenue Taxi.

It is hard for me to recall exactly who came first after that but here is my guess:

Rodeo Drive Taxi
Lethbridge Independent Taxi
Luxury Taxi
Kustom Cabz
Knight Rider Taxi
BWR Taxi and Delivery
Classy Cabs
Get 'R Done
AAA Taxi
Hat Taxi
Black Diamond Taxi - Thank you Bchopz

Did I miss any?

Although I am unsure I believe that Kustom Cabz was forced to cease operations because the owner had a previous drug dealing conviction which prevented him from obtaining a taxi permit from the city.

I have not seen Luxury Taxi in quite some time. I wonder if that guy ever got out of jail after stabbing a few people at the Corner Pocket. It is unlikely he would be able to obtain a taxi licence.

AAA Taxi I have not seen for a while either. Maybe his old car broke down.

Rodeo Drive Taxi and BWR Taxi and Delivery seem to have had the most success based on the fact that they have expanded beyond single owner operated vehicles.
Hat Taxi is quite new and I don't have an opinion yet. We don't live in Medicine Hat so I think they picked a bad name but it doesn't really matter.

I have taken a few hundred pictures from around town this summer so I will be posting some of them in the next few days.


Bchopz said...

Diamond taxi u missed brah

Bchopz said...

black diamond sorry i think its fairly new

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy just want to say some great reads on this blog... interesting stuff. I was just curious how much can a taxi driver earn working in lethbridge? Just curious because i take my class 4 test this week and black diamond has offered me a position

Anonymous said...

nm pal got a job at a plus and he explaned the wages


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