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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Guy Wants to go to Jail

Picked up this guy from Sound Garden late at night and he tells me "go far far away from here and drive go far away". Also initially mentioned "I don't have a gun you have nothing to worry about", should have been a red flag right then and there.

I didn't move and inquired where exactly he wanted to go. Well he says something about McDonald's and then North well whatever I go to McDonald's downtown and he orders, taps his debit card to pay, and got his food.

I inquire where on the North side and he says the Lethbridge Homeless Shelter. I casually asked "what are you doing at the Sound Garden getting drunk when you are staying at the homeless shelter"?. He says "don't worry about it" while blabbering about a bunch of shit that makes zero sense to me.

So we get to the shelter it's like 11 dollars and he says "I am out of money I can't pay you". Fuck that I said he had money for McDonald's and demanded he pay me or I would take him back to where I picked him up. I can't really remember exactly how I reacted and or don't want to say but long story short I just wanted him out of my car payment or not just get the fuck out.

He refused to leave and demanded relentlessly that I take him straight to jail. Fuck that you can't pay me thus far and expect me to drive you to jail when all I want is to continue on with my night.

He would not get out of the car, meanwhile eating his damn McDonald's, so I started driving around downtown and found a police officer and stopped my car and approached and asked him to intervene. I said basically "this guy can't or won't pay me and I can't get this guy out of my car and he demands .to be taken to jail.

Officer came over and said "if you don't get out of this cab I am going to arrest you", after I had said he that I didn't care that he paid me and just wanted to get on my way. Gonna pretend I am in the states... Nigger held me up and shots fired white atm affirmative shot dead and I fled the scen after b on b violence guys head smashed In on the curb. ... Racism

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