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Sunday, September 27, 2015

What The Fuck...Drug Deal I Guess...

This woman flagged me down from the Greyhound Bus Station or at least that area and I knew immediately she was not coming off any bus.

She looked cracked the fuck out but not unreasonable she asked me to take her to south and back.

Well I am no retard and I was working and asked for some money and she said I would get paid when I got there. FUCK THAT.

I demanded a deposit or no ride and what does the crack whore give me? A FUCKING KNIFE and a half pack of smokes.

She was trying to contact her friends that were still walking at this point when the downtown Lethbridge  police unit pulled up right beside me (obviously trying to figure out what was going on). I ignored them we went around the corner and proceeded to the drug dealers house at 709 9ave South. I say nothing upon payment for service.

She was in there much longer than she said and I was ready to leave and the police pulled up right in front of me just checking the area I suppose. (I thank them for that in case something was wrong).

While waiting for her...I wanted to just leave but I did have her collateral and had agreed to the trip. I was counting down the meter til I gave up on her when she came out and waved me around the corner. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME I just sat outside of the drug dealers house for 15 minutes at least and its important for you to have me pick you up around the corner, fuck you.

So I guess she got the drugs and wanted me to go to another address for her to sell the drugs so I could get paid/ We arrived at hmm 721 7ave south unit 1 and she wants her knife back so I give it to her.

I'll tell you what I will never say shit about addresses or information unless I am not paid, so fuck your drug dealing shit I was trying to have a peaceful weekend. FUCK YOU CUNTS.

I literally was waiting at that address listening to "don't be fooled again" by whoever and had my windows rolled up to not be stabbed in the neck potentially by some meth head.

Glad you did not pay me you cunt whore, I was trying to have a god damn peaceful fucking weekend.

Cutting it here.


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