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Friday, May 23, 2008

Afraid Girl Linked to Suspected Stabbing

I had just finished dropping off a fare at around 3:00Am and pulled a u-turn and started driving the other way. At the next intersection a young woman waved me down and I pulled over. She wanted me to call the police and looked very afraid. I asked her why she wanted me to call the police and she told me the she had no money, had to get away from her mother, and was too scared to walk to where she was going. I radioed dispatch to call the police and they were hesitant. I told dispatch to forget about it and took the young woman to where she wanted to go. I could tell that she was quite frightened. I was more than happy to help her out. She looked like she was around thirteen. I asked what her name was and tried to relax her a bit.

I dropped her off and she waited for her to enter the residence, which she did. Very shortly after I heard another driver say that there was a lot of police action at the same intersection where I picked up this young girl. I figured it was not a coincidence and went back to the intersection where I picked her up from. There were a few police cars and an EMT Fire Rescue as well. The police had the canine unit there and I saw them prepping the dog (or whatever the dog was doing, I am not sure). I asked if they were looking for someone and informed the officer of the girl that I drove away from the area. He told me to give my statement to another officer, which I did. I asked the officer why they were there and he told me there was a suspected stabbing but they could not find the victim.

It really got me thinking, did that girl stab someone, was she stabbed and I just didn't realize it. Why were the police called and what was her involvement. I guess the cops were there for a good four hours.

I really wish that I knew more of what happened there and how that girl might have been involved. If I hear anything about it I will be sure to post.

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