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Friday, May 23, 2008


I was flagged for a job near a convience store and I had taken these people to a bar earlier and had no troubles. I thought nothing of it. When we got to their house they all start walking off. I yell that they owe me money and this native guy comes back to the cab and gives me a couple bucks. I tell him that is not enough and I would take his watch as collateral. I looked in the backseat and this guys buddy pissed his pants and it was all over the seat. I got pissed off, he gave me his worthless piece of shit watch and I yelled at his buddy in front of his girlfriends "thanks for pissing all over the back seat asshole". I bet he didn't get laid that night.

I drove around for 40 minutes trying to find a car wash with a shampoo vac.

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