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Sunday, December 5, 2010


I just finished dropping off the two nice looking twins at a North side party. After we finished our "hugs" I started driving back downtown when two women flagged me down shortly afterwards (on the same street).

The one woman asked me if I would take her friend home. I said yes. She then asked me if her friend could eat her hot dog in the car. I said I didn't care and it seemed like a weird question at the time.

So this absolutely gorgeous woman gets into the cab and I was in love right away. OK getting a little off topic, so she gets in the car.

I asked her how her night was going and she proceeded to tell me that she was just kicked out of another taxi around the corner because she took a bite of her hot dog in the cab. She said the cab driver tried to grab the hot dog out of her mouth and kicked her and her friend out of the car.

I mean who am I to say that is what happened? It is just here say but I believed the story for the most part. I would never kick a nice looking woman out of my cab, or even an ugly guy,  for eating a hot dog. Really there is very little mess usually, a couple of pieces of cheese, who gives a shit? Wipe it off the seat.

So I took this woman to the West side and I was very much interested in what she had to say, I only wish the feeling was mutual because she did not ask me a single question the entire trip but was very happy to answer my questions with elaborate responses.

She mentioned to the effect that her biological clock was ticking down and if she did not have children within the next 8 years she would never have children. I actually really like this woman. I never let her know it because I really do try to be a professional and I understand my "role" in these situations. It appeared as though she had fashioned her own green skirt together and I thought it was very creative of her. Of course I never said anything because I am a complete fucking dumb ass.

That is not the case, customers are customers.

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