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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something Most People Never See - unedited

So this woman has been requesting me a lot lately and I never know it is her until I arrive at the place because she uses a different name every time.

I have been basically giving her substantial discounts on trips and even free rides just to get a glimpse into a lifestyle I am curious to know more about.

Tonight I picked her up from downtown and she had to meet someone on the North side. So I drove to where she wanted to go and there was no one there at first. I had my suspicions about what she was up to but she never actually said. So this person arrives a short time later and she got out of the car, went to talk with that person, and came back shortly afterwards.

I started driving her back to her place and she asked me to pull over and she showed me the two baggies of crack that she had just bought for $30 a piece and mentioned that crack was in short supply recently and she would be able to sell it for $60 a piece. There really was very little substance to look at and from my observations $60 really does not buy a whole lot of crack. I took her back to her place downtown. She also mentioned that with crack prices running high lately that heroin was starting to trickle into the city, which is obviously not good at all.

I picked her up again later with her actual boyfriend, the previous legit boyfriend I had seen her with ended up going to jail for robbing a gas station in town, so she says.

It is really a surreal experience driving this woman around because you really have no idea what could happen and she is very entertaining and often will not stop talking about all the shit that goes down in her life. It is hard for me to get a word in and I assume that she is smoking the crack, so I just listen mostly. She completely trusts me and I show her the same respect.

So during this trip she is going to the South side to buy more of whatever and she says we have to pull into the alley because if the Stepmother ever found out what he was doing she would kill him, I don't know why exactly she had to come to this place but I would be safe to assume it was for crack because when she came back it was like that's some weird shit, doing a deal through his bedroom window.

So on the way driving back downtown she spots a lone guy walking on the side of the road and she decides this could add to her earnings for the night, her boyfriend was still in the car and was obviously cool with the whole situation. She wanted to bet with me that she could get this guy to come Home with her.

I pulled over near an intersection close to the guy and put on my four ways to let the non-emergency ambulance know to pass me and they did. She had her door open and asked the guy if he wanted a ride. He said sure and it got weird real fucking fast when he called his two other buddies over which none of us had seen. So some seating arrangements are changed, the hooker is in the back with the three guys and it sounds like this, Èso who wants to party tonight, etc. I think a couple of guys clued into what was being offered and they mentioned that they were married but the third guy was interested.

So I drive a couple of blocks and two of them want to be let out, so I stopped and noted the address they had mentioned that I am sure nobody heard but me.

The third guy (not one of the guys that were interested in the woman's services) wants to get liquor from downtown and is fucking wasted already. So the woman was trying to interest the gentleman in the back seat but he wanted no part of it and a small argument ensued.

I was soon faced with a dilemma because I was basically driving this woman and guy around out of my own pocket (or on my own time) and she asked the guy if he wanted a ride, which he accepted. So I have the meter going on this new guy and he knows its all him when she says she wants to go back to her place and the guy she invited is the one actually paying me now for the trip and his only objective was to get liquor and get back to his buddies place.

While out of the car the hooker asks her boyfriend to leave and says that she has this guy, which was clearly not the case but she asked him to get out and walk back to their place, which was not far, they exchanged a kiss.

I was dumbfounded and had no clue how this was going to end, the guy actually got liquor from the store in his severely drunken state and I popped the trunk for him to put the liquor into. Not only is it the law to have liquor in the trunk or what not but I often use it as a technique to secure future payment.The guy wanted no part of putting his liquor into the trunk and I think he was suspicious, and why shouldn't he have been, I mean I was suspicious myself of all characters involved.

So he decides to go back to his place and not his friends and against this woman's request I drive him there because I am in this to make money.

The man and woman were giving their thoughts to each other and I just could not wait for him to get out of the car. It was uncomfortable. Looking back on the situation the guy could have assumed that I was driving this girl around to try to find a party but that is not the case what so ever. She asked him if he wanted a ride and him and his friends accepted.

So the guy finally gets on his way and the woman asked me to take her back to where the other two guys went. Yes I did remember the address they gave me and when we arrived they were having a smoke just chilling on the porch. She got out of the car and approached them, she is really a pro because she waved me off very soon afterwards and I never saw her again that night.

I am really unsure of what to make of all of this, especially my involvement. I mean how can I say NO to a personal call when she changes names all the time, I might have to have a chat with her about that. If I could think of anything shocking for this site she has said it or has lead me on to believe it and I find that intriguing.

As a cab driver I look forward to some interesting situations, why not this oneÉ

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