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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekend Randoms - To be updated

So on my very first trip on my very first day back from a nice break for the holidays I had a terrible trip. It started off OK I guess but the guy would not put his cigarette out and I told him to "put it out or throw it out", he finally complied and I started driving the few blocks to his address.

I thought this guy was a little drunk and it was only around 6:25 pm. My account of our conversation:

Him: "Hey I know you I have seen you before, we partied together right"?

Me: "No I don't think so, I am not sure I have seen you before, where was it that we partied together"?

Him: "Oh you know, you know....(no answer)"

Me: "No I am pretty sure I have never met you before"

Him: He offered his hand and said "I am XXXXXX", I complied and shook his hand and told him my name.

Him: "So what are you high? You must be, you look so stoned? You are stoned right? Man you gotta be stoned. I knew it you are high."

Me: "I believe that you are mistaken and I am completely sober."

This really was a shorter trip and I only drove this guy a few blocks.

Him: "What are you a fag, are you a fairy, I could take you right now you want to go (fight)?"

Me: Starting to become concerned because this assholes demeanor is starting to change rapidly without any provocation "You are mistaken and I do not want to fight you, we are almost at your house so just calm down and relax."

Him: "You fucking calm down mother fucker, you are going to get whats coming to you, lets do this right now, step the fuck out and we will finish this right now."

Me: "Calm down we are at your house, I am not going to fight you, it's $9 bucks."

Him: "$9 bucks are you fucking with me you fucking XXXXXX, go fuck yourself, how does $8 sound."

Me: "Relax, $8 is fine."

As he stumbled out of the car and fell flat on his ass. I did not get out of the car and locked my doors immediately. He showed me the finger and told me to go fuck myself and that he could take me. Honestly this guy was fucked up on something, I assumed is was cocaine and he was definitely acting overly aggressive and I was calm the entire trip, which is why I assume nothing worse happened.

I drove down the alley where I dropped this asshole off assuming I had just realized a loss when I said fuck it and went back to the residence and had the police called to that address. It was a non-emergency call and I sat their for around 40-45 minutes when the police officer finally arrived. I had no problem waiting because I wanted to see what would happen and I had a legitimate charge of Transportation Fraud against this fuck (because he never paid me).

While waiting for the police the father actually came out and offered to pay for the fare. I was so upset at this point that I declined the money and asked him to wait until the police arrived to deal with them. I guess had he came out right away and payed me I would have accepted, put I already called the police because I was not about to go knock on the door and get in a fight with whomever was behind that door, are you kidding me? So I waited and waited and the police arrive and I tell them my story.

I have never felt more intimidated and threatened by a person before but he never really did anything illegal other than not pay me. So when the police arrived they were let into the house and I was subsequently paid my $10 and was asked to leave while the officer was going to try to offer some emotional support to the family and/or the asshole drunk. I guess the officer determined that he was not doing cocaine and had some sort of alcohol related mental episode. How are you qualified to make an immediate physchiatric evaluation?


I picked up a former XXXXXX XXXXXX Professor from the XXXXXX XXXXXX later in the evening and he was with a hooker and they were going downtown to get whatever they were getting. We finally arrived at the XXXXXX XXXXXX and while she is waiting for the crack (I assume) she asks the Professor to come in to have a threesome with XXXXXX while waiting for the crack (I assume). He intelligently declined and I took him back to his hotel. He was very smart not going into the XXXXXX XXXXXX because they likely would have taken him for all he was worth and more. That is how the crack whores operate, they latch onto someone with money and will not let go until they let go of them.


Even later I was sent on a call to the West Side and when I arrived I witnessed a bunch of XXXXXX fighting in the doorway of the residence, I saw around ten people inside the entrance to the house and it appeared as though they were trying to eject a certain female from the party. She was removed from the residence at least twice and she managed to get back into the house when I notice a male pick her up and he threw her down the stairs hard. I backed up because I could not see it she was OK or not and it appeared as though she was unconscious at first but came to shortly afterward.

I should have drove off right then and there but this shit intrigues me so I stuck around. This woman gets up and starts trying to bash one of her friends vehicles drivers side window with her fist.

So I let her and her boyfriend in the car and after hearing all her bullshit drunken fucking XXXXXX shit I am sorry to say that she probably deserved much worse. You think your boyfriend should defend you against his own family after all the shit you pulled? Go back to the XXXXXX.

Thanks for not paying me by the way? Do you not think I know where you LIVE? Fuck you.


Loralee Edwards said...

are you general?

taxiguy said...

I would like to think so. I am looking forward to tomorrow, and the day after that and have plans for my short/long term future.

I do not generally mention the decent trips I have and my purpose here is mainly to vent (the subtitle) about the shit I have to deal with that I want to forget about, but am never the less usually interested in the fact that it actually happened, and everyone is ok.

It is hard to "vent" about a decent normal trip about two people driving to an address.

I realize that it may sound like I have a negative attitude towards the job and/or life but that is not the case at all.

If I were not optimistic and excited to go to work each day then I would find something else to do. Everyone has there bad days at work and after my first trip I was pretty much just grumpy all night and it definitely shows in this post.

That does not mean I can not put on a fake smile and pretend everything is wonderful. I would rather do that then act grumpy on the job, no matter how I am feeling.

I am usually very calm and collective on the job and I use this as a place to speak my true thoughts about an event or situation.

I hope I answered your question.


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