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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

Last night went pretty smooth all things considered. Most people were in good spirits and I enjoyed working last night. It was not as busy as Halloween for me most likely because there were more cabs on the road and the earlier part of my night was pretty slow.

Overall I had a great night tonight and am actually surprised that I did not have anyone that was even close to puking, I figured there would have been a couple of close calls and brought a couple of trusty Zip-Lock bags with me just in case. I am glad no one had to use them.

I only had one trip where the older guy seemed out of it, but I really could not have asked for a better night.


I picked up this woman very early in the morning and she said she was from Calgary and it was a shock to her that I was XXXXXX and a lot younger than all of her cab drivers in Calgary. It also seemed to be a shock that I spoke English fairly well. After she got in the back seat she asked if she could sit in the front with me and I said it was OK.

Meanwhile she jokingly mentioned "I think you are cute but I don't want to get raped or anything like that", it was kind of a weird thing to say. I told her that she was safe and had nothing to worry about.

She got in the front and it was kind of awkward because she was almost in shock of my "appearance".

It must have been around 4:30am and I am sure that she had a few drinks but was not obnoxious in any way.

At one point she asked me if I wanted to pull over so we could chat and get to know each other. I don't believe that she was implying anything sexual and that she was just intrigued by me. To be honest I could have used a nice break and a good chat with this woman (which we were already having)  but I never really responded to her request (fuck your a dumb ass).

She invited me to come snowboarding with her today and I declined only because I have to work and I really was not exactly certain of her intentions/state of mind. Honestly she was a cool woman and I enjoyed that trip more than she will ever know, perhaps we both would have enjoyed it more had we stopped for our "conversation".

I have said it before and I will say it again, when it comes to this job I really do try to act professionally.

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