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Friday, January 28, 2011

Doodlespeil Curling Tournament

I spoke with one of the organizers of the Doodlespeil Curling Tournament and have learned that it is basically a bunch of seismologists that get together to curl and network with each other, while having a few drinks. They used to hold this tournament in Banff until the rink had some problems so for the past two years or so they have been coming to Lethbridge.

It is definitely an influx of business to Lethbridge because most people were staying in hotels and going to restaurants and taking cabs, etc.

I thought it was interesting that people were walking around downtown at 1:00 am carrying their curling brooms around. I flagged a few folks from a local hotel and they had their brooms with them and what not and I assumed they were going to the curling rink, well I was wrong because I guess they were planning on going to the strippers before their game, awesomeness. I want to be a part of this curling tournament/get away.
I guess they had some problems last year getting cabs so they made arrangements with some local companies to provide additional service for them.

I remember being sent to a popular bar in the early morning hours and after I saw a few curlers waiting for a ride at the curling rink I basically said fuck the bar and helped these curlers get to their hotel. They definitely brought me a lot of business this weekend and I hope they come back to Lethbridge next year.

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