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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Pictures...

I have no idea about this picture, I must have taken it a while back and it seems to be a random car accident.

Someone crashed into the bus stop at 6th Avenue and 5th street.

The two darker photos, such as the one below, are of a porcupine that was resting in a tree at the University of Lethbridge. A better photo of a porcupine can be seen here

As I was washing the car blood starting coming from the tire and it appeared as though a liver popped out of one of the tires. I was thinking "what the fuck", I looked around the wash bay and there was blood everywhere. Then one of the gas station employees came to the bay and told me to watch out for the porcupine because I guess the previous person to use the car wash had hit a porcupine. It was pretty disgusting and I took a few quick pictures.
I hope it was not the same porcupine that I saw at the University earlier this week.


Loralee Edwards said...

crazy snaps...looking forward to how they can be explained...the last one befuddles me

george said...

cant wait for the xplanation

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is that shit in the last three pictures?

Loralee Edwards said...

Oh sad re: porcupine...were you able to get any quills?

taxiguy said...

I was able to but I didn't. There was a fairly large portion of the quills in the last pictures. I did not know they were desirable to people and did not even think of taking it.


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