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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Long story short (with as little detail as possible).

I picked up a known prostitute from the downtown area the other day and she was with three guys.

They told me where they were going and had to stop at a bank machine on the way.

While the two guys were using the machine to withdraw a fairly large amount of cash the hooker and another guy were conspiring to rob these two other guys and told me of their plan. I really wanted no part of it but it was already in place at this point.

So the two guys gave the hooker their money (very hesitantly), presumably to buy drugs and as soon as she was in that apartment building I knew she had succeeded in taking these guys. Her accomplice was still with the two other guys and I at this point.

He decided to get out of the car to try to find her after a few minutes and then it was just me and the two guys she had only recently told me she was trying to fuck over.

So there I was sitting with two guys that were starting to become very concerned that they had been had. I knew they were fucked over and I was just patiently waiting for them to figure it out. They finally did and they were pissed off and I don't blame them at all.

I have so much more with this story but I really have already said enough.


I guess I could mention that during the trip she offered me a "free fuck" just so I could see how good she is. I gracefully declined her offer, mostly because I am not into that sort of thing with the hookers and I would never pay for something like that.

Even though it was "free" I do have morals and prefer to be STD free. Also on occasion she likes to spurt off peoples names that she has fucked for cash and often times I know these people and I do not believe that there is any way that she would have had any inclination that I might know some of the people whom she has fucked for cash, during this trip she mentioned a few random names and I knew two of them, both married, seemingly happily in my opinion but obviously not if you are paying for a hooker to fuck you in your taxi and or your home.

I would like to believe her every word but the fact is I do not. She could be going around town saying that she fucked me for all I know. I just find it particularly strange that she mentioned a couple of names that she could not have known that I knew, it was strange and I have to say that I do believe her.

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