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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Sure About This One, I May Remove It.

So I met this girl the other day, through a hooker acquaintance. We were chatting and it was really some weird conversation. After a considerable amount of time she mentioned that she had tried to kill herself earlier in the week and that she was being charged with assault after biting one of the nurses in the psych ward.

She asked me if I wanted to see her bruises and I said "sure why not", so she began to show me literally every bruise on her entire body of where the restraints were holding her down. The epoxy remnants from the tape to hold the intravenous needle in place was still on her arm so I figured she was fresh back on the street (not that she was homeless).

I spent over an hour (maybe two) with this woman and we were just hanging out more than anything. She was very interesting and I have to say that I really liked her, or maybe I enjoyed the conversation and felt somewhat sympathetic. Either way it was definitely an experience in itself just being with her.

So I took her to her apartment and she mentioned that the police had "raided" her apartment days earlier. I assumed it was for drugs because she said she was a XXXXXX but it became apparent that it was in an effort to save her life.

I have never done this before but this woman had gained my trust, and the feeling was mutual I am sure. She asked me if I wanted to see what the police had done to her apartment and I did want to see, so I went with her into her apartment and it was a complete disaster area. There was stuff everywhere and everything was turned over and the place was in complete shambles, as she was showing me around her place it was hard to find a place to step that was actually floor and I even broke a couple of things that were on the floor. I am somewhat sure that her appartment must have been in disrepair even before the police arrived because it was pretty bad.

At one point during our visit she decided to go to the door and lock it and put the dead bolt in place, this made me a little uneasy because it seemed unnecessary at the time and I was thinking "what is she thinking?".

So she showed me where the police had kicked in her bathroom door and the door handle was missing and the entire scene was just completely fucked up. The light switch was missing as was the light fixture on the ceiling. I was starting to wonder what I was doing in this place but it was really something else and I was intrigued. She seemed more than enthused to show me around.

Like I mentioned she said she was a XXXXXX and she showed me her escape ladder if "shit ever hit the fan", she opened her apartment window and took the screen off before tossing this 15 foot chain ladder out the window. It was loud and I think it hit the neighbors window below us. The neighbors in the next building were starting to watch us so she pulled up the ladder and I closed the window and the blinds.

I guess she decided now was a good time to change clothes and she turned her back to me and did exactly that. I was starting to believe that this woman had brought me up there to try to seduce me but seriously there was literally no where for that to happen because like I said there was stuff everywhere and her bed was covered with random shit including a full cookware set still in the box. Also I never would have done anything sexual with this vulnerable woman, I was acting as a friend at this point.

She opened a pack of cheap bondage restraints and strapped them around her wrists while trying to get them to stick to the wall, we could not get them to stick, enough about that.

Anyways, I helped her load some of her stuff into my car and I really believe that she was planning on just abandoning this place.

I really hope that if I ever see her again that she is doing better than she is now.


Loralee Edwards said...

Thank you...on our and her behalf - thank you

taxiguy said...

I have been trying to come up with some sort of response to your comment, all I have is this...

Thanks for the comment.


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