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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Trying to be Respectful

I have decided that in order to protect my personal privacy and my customers privacy I have made some serious changes to this blog. I will no longer mention ANY business's name and have made some editing changes to reflect my new policy, which include removing certain details and videos (still an ongoing process).

I have not edited any post where the Lethbridge Police have identified a suspect and/or released any information pertaining to a person involved in any sort of crime. I have also not removed any mention of certain businesses that have had terrible health inspection reports, which are available to the public through the Alberta Health Services website.

If you look further into this blog and see XXXXXX that is a direct editing change.

I have gone one step further and have removed race as a factor in ALL of my posts and will continue to do just that.
I believe that I have a few posts to review but I have done my very best to comply with my new self imposed rules.


Anonymous said...

Greatest. Blog. EVER. I love Lethbridge and you seem like a cool dude! Keep on cabbing, Broski!

Loralee Edwards said...

Kinda disappointed about this - I think not mentioning race is a good step - but I liked when you mentioned names and held people accountable - but I get it

Anonymous said...

Well to be honest I have agreed to these rules and they are not exactly self imposed.

Loralee Edwards said...

Fair enough

Anonymous said...

So I can see not including names and license numbers...but can't you keep the names of establishments?

taxiguy said...

Legally it should not be a problem, but I have agreed not to post the names of establishments.

taxiguy said...

It really should not make a whole lot of difference in the stories that I publish.


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