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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I was sent on a trip to XXXXXX at the Lethbridge XXXXXX and notice some people standing on the street arguing, it seemed like a normal argument. I waited and waited and finally gave up on them and slowly drove away to the actual bar where I was sent to. There was no one there so I went to the front lobby and a staff member had asked me to take her customers home. Well it was the same customers that were on the street and I turned around and they were still arguing. A fight nearly ensued and one of the bouncers was trying to intervene and they got into a shoving match. I was casually watching the scene expecting some fists to start flying. Two girls and a guy get in and tell me to lock my doors, which I did.

I started driving when the guy managed to stumble in front of the car and I was forced to stop. The bouncer was trying to drag him away from the vehicle and was having a hard time doing so. Once the area was clear I immediately started to drive off and the guy managed to punch my window hard, I am actually surprised he did not break the glass.

So I thought this guy was done when he runs after the car and starts trying to open the door while I was driving and I stepped on the gas and flew around the corner and onto the street. I thought he had let go when after about 50 feet I stopped because I realized he was still hanging on to the door handle and I was dragging him.

I stopped and one girl decides to get out and the bouncer is right there after this guy because he is still acting crazy, I took my chance and drove away. Seriously you are a fucking idiot, had you let go of the door handle while I was turning I surely would have ran you over. Get your shit together, yeah your girlfriend was hot but it is worth all the trouble?

Also I have no idea of why they were arguing/fighting in the first place.

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