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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

300th Post. Conversation/Interview With a Lethbridge Prostitute.

I was trolling around downtown looking to interview a hooker and even asked a cab driver and a couple of police officers if they had seen any around. I was about to call it quits when this woman sort of waved me down.

I did pay this woman for her time and she did not disappoint with her very candid stories about the profession and working in Lethbridge. I had never seen this woman before tonight and did not know what to expect and stumbled when asking a couple of questions.

"You know ahh, it is what it is. It's life, what ever doesn't kill us makes us stronger and you gotta survive and that's what I do. Any given day of the week I can go out and know that I am going to eat today because there is going to be one pervert rolling the streets".

While splicing these videos because of the size I missed about 20 seconds where she says that she placed an ad on craigslist.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and revealing interview. I don't think many of the women I see working the streets in Lethbridge could string together two coherent sentences. Hope her plan to study hairstyling pays off. Is she one of the few non-First Nations women walking the Lethbridge streets? Any I've seen while cutting through the downtown have been First Nations, except for one I'm sure was really cop!

taxiguy said...

I appreciate the comment.

Loralee Edwards said...

She is a really interesting smart woman. This interview highlights the need to evaluate and change our social assistance programs.

taxiguy said...

I agree that she is a street smart woman.

I believe that our social assistance programs in Canada are above any other nation and the fact is this woman still has an addiction and could have easily enroled herself into the Fort Macloud detox center and continue on from there but that is not her choice.

She chooses to do what she does and I respect that. I mean when she mentions she was making $2000 a day on the street. You can do anything you want to with that kind of money. The Fort Macloud detox center is free, as are many other programs.

I have seen Katrina since and am sad to say that not only does she have an addiction but it drives her very being.

How is a welfare check going to help this woman? I do not think she is off the drugs and that is what that check would directly fund, is more crack.

I realize that she seems normal in this video clip and I really do sympathyze with her situation, but the fact is I just caught her on a "good day".

My point is there are many social programs out there to help, but you have to want to change and in this case that is not the case, at least in my opinion.

reverend said...

Great interview and some great stories. Fascinating. Hope you'll have more taxi confessionals soon.


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