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Monday, November 22, 2010

Canada's Prostitution Laws Set to Change.

I would not consider this as factual information whatsoever, it is just my understanding of the current events.

As you may well know it is not actually illegal (and never has been) to pay for sex in Canada but it is illegal to communicate for the purpose of prostitution. Brothel and bawdy houses are also illegal as is procuring.

In September a Superior Court Judge ruled that these laws are unconstitutional and place prostitutes in danger by the nature of these laws (or something like that). An appeal was launched and a stay of the order was granted until this Saturday when a judge will decide whether or not to extend the stay of appeal or not. If the stay of appeal is not extended these laws will no longer be enforceable (even though the appeals process is still ongoing).

What does this mean?

Lethbridge prostitutes and johns will be able to openly communicate for the purpose of prostitution. Basically a hooker can solicit any man on the street and offer and barter for a price for sex. The same thing goes for a john. A john will be able to essentially walk up to any woman in Lethbridge and offer to pay for sexual services without facing any legal repercussions.

Also brothels may start to pop up as legitimate business entities. XXXXXX and XXXXXX will no longer have to hide behind closed doors and could in effect advertise their services. They could place a sign outside of their business saying "Sex Here ... 150 for half an hour and 200 for a full hour."

The procuring law is also set to be lifted this Saturday which means that pimps no longer have to hide in the shadows and can basically walk up to anyone on the street and say "hey I have this girl if you want to fuck her its $80."

Imagine you are at your child's soccer game on a Saturday afternoon eating some ice cream and some hooker starts walking through the crowd of families asking if anyone wants a blow job for $40 and that she operates a legitimate business around the corner that accepts Visa/MasterCard and Interact. This will become no different than walking through the crowd offering cookies for sale.

I look forward to the court's decision regarding this matter because it has far reaching implications across the country and at home here in Lethbridge. Maybe I should be the first to set up shop downtown and start pimping out some hookers for a nice tidy profit. I could offer 2 for 1 Tuesdays (two girls for one price), STD free girls on Sundays, etc. I can easily see demand for at least two or three of these whorehouses downtown and I believe that it is just a matter of time. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Nov. 27/2010: After further review of the potential changes I realized that this would only apply in Ontario and was mistaken that it would be applied nationwide (I am obviously not a lawyer). But if the law is repealed in Ontario I would imagine it would be just a matter of time for other provinces to face the same legal challenges and follow suit of Ontario's ruling.


Anonymous said...

well for shit sake, now I am going to have to start going to my kids soccer games I guess.

taxiguy said...

just make sure you bring your credit card

Anonymous said...

do people have sex at studio royale and classy comfort or are they simply rub and tugs?

taxiguy said...

I have never been to either place before so I really don't know but it is pretty much common knowledge that they are rub and tugs, or massage parlors with happy endings. I am pretty sure that at least a couple of the girls that work there are escorts.

I would doubt they actualy offer sex at the business but it would not suprise me if these girls set up "dates" with customers on their own time.


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