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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanks Doctor X

Some legal requirements for operating a taxi. Basically about my adventure to the medical feel free to skip over this post to something you might find more interesting....

So I walked into a local licencing agency in town and asked about what I needed to do to renew my licence, more specifically I asked whether or not my last medical evaluation was valid. I assumed that it was because according to the Ministry of Transportation in Alberta, and for my age category, I am only required to obtain a medical examination every five years and the last time I had one done was three years ago. So I assumed it was valid.

The licence bureau (not a government agency) said it must be within six months of renewal and I was upset because that is not what the Minister of Transportation has set as the requirement. They legally should have been able to renew my licence for two additional years.

So I went to the walk in session at a local medical clinic (because I do not have a family doctor) and waited two hours while some woman's kids were giving her the hardest time of her life I imagine and people were coughing all over me. I was so anxious to get this process over with and must have read the Sports Illustrated I found cover to cover at least twice.

After earlier explaining my situation the receptionist they had basically classified my situation as an "Emergency". I felt like a complete idiot, even though I made sure that I was following the law, and not the requirements of the licencing business.

So anyway I finally get called in to see the Doctor and the Nurse gave me a short eye exam and asked me some questions while I waited for the doctor.

The doctor came shortly after and held his stethoscope (I believe) against the front and back of my chest while I breathed long breaths, he then laid me back and felt my stomach. He recommended a blood test but said it was not required. I was in a rush and declined.

Total time spent with the doctor: 3 minutes
Time spend in the waiting room: 1 hour 50 minutes.
Total cost for a medical examination for a professional operators licence: $75

Well during the 3-5 minutes I was with the Doctor I explained my situation and he told me I was good to go and not to worry about the money, he told me "consider it a gift".

I did consider it just that, he did not have to do that and I was fully expecting to pay the $75 as required. I was thankful and said that I appreciated his kindness very much and he printed me off the form and I went on my merry way.

I believe that perhaps he was sympathetic towards my current situation but I am never the less thankful to the Doctor who could have easily charged me $75, but did not.

I will not forget this act of kindness and will pass that on to someone else when I have that same opportunity.

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