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Friday, November 12, 2010

Where is Our Flag?

Can anyone possibly explain to me why a Canadian Flag would not be flying proudly outside of the local Legion Hall, on Remembrance Day of all days, while Veterans and others were "celebrating" the National Holiday inside?

Seriously, am I missing something here?  I did not take the picture until 4:30 this morning but I was at the Legion (working) for most of the early part of my night. I was there picking people up as early as 6:30pm and there was no Canadian Flag on that pole.

Do they take it down before dark or is this some sort of tradition I am unaware of? I would really like to know.

Also I believe a local company on 3rd Avenue South could have shown better taste by actually flying a Canadian Flag instead of this mockery.

As I was aimlessly driving around in the early hours of the morning it was quite difficult to actually find a Canadian Flag along Mayor Magrath Drive or even 3rd Avenue. The XXXXXX company's flag stood out amongst the very few I was able to spot, during the day I am sure they are more visible.

The worst kept Canadian Flag I found was by the XXXXXX motel around 11th Avenue and Mayor Magrath Drive on the West side of the street. The flag is dirty, ripped, and in terrible condition. It looks like a rotting plastic bag wrapped around a rusty tree branch and is definitely not in working order. I was pretty disappointed.

This link  suggested in my comment section refers to Government material about everything you would ever need to know about the Canadian Flag (yes I am always capitalizing flag after Canadian whether it is grammatically incorrect or not)


Anonymous said...

Good post....

"The National Flag of Canada should be displayed only in a manner befitting this important national symbol; it should not be subjected to indignity or displayed in a position inferior to any other flag or ensign. The National Flag always takes precedence over all other national flags when flown in Canada. The only flags to which precedence is given over the Canadian flag are the personal standards of members of the Royal Family and of Her Majesty's eleven representatives in Canada "

So I thought initially that our flag should not be flown at night:

Lethbridge, Alberta
Fri 11/12/2010
Sunrise: 7:46am
Sunset: 4:53pm

However, upon further reading:

"The National Flag is flown at all federal government buildings, airports, and military bases and establishments within and outside Canada. The flag may be flown by night as well as by day."

The Legion should be enlightened. should minute muffler...
as should I... and the folks of this town.
I imagine we are not direspectful just ignorant. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

taxiguy said...

Upon further reading of your link (thank you for that) these practices are only guidelines and are not enforceable by Canadian Law.

From what I read it would be perfectly legal to display a Nazi flag on your property with a Canadian flag underneith it, although I am sure people would view that as offensive it would not technically be illegal.

I am also sure that if you did such a thing you would feel the public pressure in a variety of ways.

Thanks again for the link.

Anonymous said...

the flag at the legion is never up at night. it is raised every morning and is taken down at sunset as it is supposed to be. there was a flag ceremony at the pavillion, and the remeberance day flag was raised at the city hall ceremony. and the flag was blowing proudly at the legion all day.


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