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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Some Weekend Randoms...

I can definitely make an ass out of myself sometimes with a random comment...

I picked up a few nice looking women earlier in the week and they were all gung ho about going to XXXXXX nightclub for the XXXXXX Playboys (?) male stripper night. I have seen a couple of the European Video's of the male stripper party thing and regrettably asked these young ladies if it was the type of thing where the guys walk around the crowd and dance while letting the women play with them while applying whipped cream to be licked off, and offering "towel service" for the very willing.

Yeah they did not even acknowledge my comment and I do not blame them and I felt embarrassed. I mean I was basically asking if these girls were going to slurp some whipped cream off some strippers at the club, which in some countries is not considered "taboo" conversation, yeah that's a poor defence.

Next time I will reserve my comment.


I wish I could have been more involved with the bar rush last week but I had to take some patrons from the XXXXXX on a lengthy crack run. I have had these customers before and they were alright I guess (when I say alright I mean there were no problems). A grey truck with the licence plate XXXXXX delivered $140 worth of "rock" to my customers and I never would have guessed that this guy was a crack dealer, I mean he looked like a regular guy and was driving a nice truck with a broom and other tools hanging prominently from the box of the truck.


I picked up a couple a younger guys earlier in the evening and they told me that if I saw them later and they were not with some women that I should call them "complete fucking idiots".

I randomly picked them up later in the evening, with two women, from XXXXXX and they recognized me. I recognized them also and mentioned "I guess I can't call you an idiot, can I?". They seemed confused by my comment but soon realized what I was talking about (them picking up some girls from the bar) and soon after it was high fives all around. I am sure the two women were thinking "what the fuck was that all about".


Ahh I've said enough for tonight.

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