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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Some Early Weekend Randoms

I picked up a man and woman from a convenience store on the West side and drove them to the University. It was a normal trip and I thought nothing of it.

About half an hour later I was sent to the University and the same guy I had taken there gets in. I asked him how everything went and he said it went terrible. I pressed a little and asked why, he said that they were making out and getting ready to get their freak on when out of no where she puked all over him and passed out about five minutes later.

He said he had to use the dorm showers to take a shower. I tried my best not to laugh but could honestly not help myself. I apologized for laughing so hard and he said it was cool.

He mentioned that looking back on it that it was pretty funny and it would be a good story to tell his friends about. I guess they had become reacquainted at XXXXXX and she was studying to be an XXXXXX, which is beside the point.


First time for everything..... I was sent on a trip to a South side pub at 3:00am a couple of days ago and this guy stumbles into the cab, out of no where, without a shirt on. The first thing he said was ``yeah I don`t have a shirt``, it was priceless. I inquired about what had happened to him and he really was not to sure, he thought that he had gotten into a fight with his friends and that his shirt had been ripped off in the process but he really could not be sure.

His pricey phone was also broken and he said he could only press send and call the previous called number which happened to be a friend in a different city. So this friend called his parents (also in a different city) and they had called our company to pick up their son. He was actually a really decent guy. I hope everything worked out for you man.


So I was flagging outside of XXXXXX Thursday night (like every other cab driver) and this girl walks right past five-seven other cabs and decides to get in mine. The first thing I noticed were here giant tits flopping around in her low cut v-neck tank top. I honestly have no idea how she was able to keep those small soccer ball sized tits in that shirt and she barely did, regrettably.

The entire way to the West side she was hiccuping and burping, I actually thought that she was puking in her mouth and swallowing it, I asked her if she wanted me to stop but she said no.

Nothing really anything special just one that I remembered that peaked my interest I suppose.


I almost forgot about this one.....Unedited drunk bum at the carwash

So at the end of my shift a couple of days ago I went to clean the taxi and get fuel. As I was opening the wash bay at the XXXXXX on XXXXXX North a homeless guy was sleeping in the corner right where I opened the loud door, he jumped up and started yelling some yibberish, I yelled back "I am trying to wash the fucking car", at least I think I said that, I was absolutely shocked and even afraid. The guy started walking towards me and I backed off, got in the cab, locked the door, drove to the front and explained to the staff my situation, I was not expecting them to do anything about it but because he was likely long gone, I just wanted to let them to know what happened. A staff member immediately responded to my concern and we checked it out, it was almost fun at that point because at least I was not alone.

Also all the credit to that exact gas station. I would have to say that other than unforseeable errors (which most gas station experience), this station operates the most efficiently in Lethbridge and they have the best, most excellent, customer service. If at all possible I make the best effort to stop at XXXXXX in Lethbridge for anything that I may need while on the road.

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