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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Sorry Alicia I could not find or didn't write about the cab experience you had with me years ago, probably somewhere in my rantings.

I still remember the trip to this day and am quite surprised you remembered it after all these years. You were quite intoxicated at the time and I don't remember where I picked you up from but I knew you weren't doing so well and asked you to tell me to pull over if you needed to puke.

I remember hearing you burp and it was clear to me that you had puked in your mouth and I kinda pretended not to notice thinking at the time that we were a couple blocks from your house.

As we were pulling up about 2 houses away you couldn't hold it in any longer and puked into your hands and onto your clothes. I stopped at this point and you let it out of the car, paid me and forgot something in the vehicle that I returned the next day.

I was impressed that you got very little to no puke in the actual car and that it was all in your hands and on your clothes.

I only mention this because I thought it was cool that you remembered me after all that time, it has been years I couldn't give a specific time, definitely made my night tonight.

And not gonna creep you on face book this time, lol sorry.

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