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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Escape

I was overloaded lets say and had a bunch of women sitting all over each other and left the bar area.

I turned onto a major road in Lethbridge and signaled left and switched lanes but my signal light was still on, and I wanted to go straight, and a cop was turning left and they turned right in front of me.

I almost hit the police car and they must have seen my overloaded vehicle as I hit the brakes.

I knew they saw whatever they saw and I witnessed the Police cruiser turned their lights on and was turning around....

So I decided to make a quick turn and ducked into an alley, and tried to continue on (in the winter) and drove across a parking barrier to get those girls home.

I damaged the taxi for sure going over the concrete under the snow, but lost the officer I think may have been turning around to chase me.

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