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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Security Guards

I got a fare from there to Medicine Hat mall and continued on with my day.


That same night I came back to Lethbridge and I knew the last night of Whoop up Days was ending so I decided to try and get a flag at the South entrance where I and other cab drivers had been picking people up all week.

I arrive and the security officer told me taxis were only allowed to pick up at the North entrance. Fine whatever I drove to the North entrance and they were closing the entry down as well as the pedestrian exit so I proceeded to drive all the way around Henderson Lake to get back to the South entrance where people were actually leaving and needing rides from.

I pulled up right at the entrance and was immediately confronted by a security guard (possibly the same guy as before), he was waving me off and telling me I could not park there, he came up to my window and was very aggressively asking me to leave, I said I was just waiting for a fare and was not blocking traffic, he continued to try to intimidate me and I locked my doors fearing what he may do next, he threatened to phone the police and I said go ahead, so he said he was going to call them and went back into the exhibition grounds.

He came back to my car with 2 other security guards and they were all yelling at me to leave. A private citizen approached my car and said to me "these guys have about as much authority as your asshole". perfect and I agreed and said I wasn't moving and to either write me a ticket or phone the police. The one guy radioed that they needed the LRPS and pretty much right after that someone got in my car and I left.

Never heard anything about there police complaint but what a bunch of cunts. Gotta get my video camera out a bit more to just show how people go crazy over absolutely nothing. I did nothing wrong what so ever but they sure did stress me out.


Not sure I have had the police called on me twice in one day, too bad I couldn't have made it three.

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