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Sunday, September 14, 2014


"Pen15" written on my arm. 

(Update September 15)....

Wow I feel like a complete "Fuck Tard".  I did not realize until the next day that "Pen15" that was written on my arm kinda definately looks like PENIS.

I drove 3 woman and 1 guy from Hudsons in Lethbridge to Coaldale and it was a fun trip not gonnaa lie, the woman in the front seat was cute as hell and she was snooping around in my car opening the glove box and what not, I didn't really care I have nothing much in there anyways when she started playing with perhaps my most favorite contraption...

Well it really isn't what you might imagine but this woman asked if I would like to be in her Pen15 club and I thought it was some sort of writing thing. Little did I know I ended up going home with "Penis" written on my arm.

It was cool I got pranked in the most acceptable way.


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