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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Care Cabs of Medicine Hat - What a Bunch of Cunts

I had a fare to drive a few British guys out to the CFB Suffield and they were completely fine. When I got to the base there were roughly 50 soldiers waiting at the gate to get themselves to Medicine Hat.

I figured since I was already out there why not make some extra cash. I ended up doing three trips that Saturday afternoon to Medicine Hat from Suffield.

The Cunt I am talking about was from Medicine Hat and working for Care Cabs car number one roughly second last Saturday in August. Anyways this cunt gets out of her taxi and I am just waiting in the "taxi shelter" at the base and she just laid into me.

The conversation went pretty much like this:

Cunt Whore Care Cabs: "Is that your taxi"

Me: "Yes"

Cunt Whore Care Cabs: "What are you doing out here you are out of your jurisdiction"

Me: "I don't believe I am I just dropped someone off here and am waiting for a fare, maybe someone going back to Lethbridge"

Cunt Whore Care Cabs: "No one is going to go to Lethbridge from here"

Me: "Well you never know and if someone wants to go anywhere else including Medicine Hat I will take them there"

Cunt Whore Care Cabs: "You need to get out of here you cant be here look at your taxi, it is blah blah blah and you don't even have a phone number on your car, I am calling the Military Police"

Me: "Ok then do what you have to do, just remember we are not in Medicine Hat and you are out of your jurisdiction just as I am"

So I get back in my car fully expecting the police to show up. I started looking up the Medicine Hat Taxi Bylaws on my phone and it clearly stated that the applicable bylaws only apply within the corporate city boundaries of Medicine Hat. I felt assured I was doing nothing wrong as the closest town is Ralston, population estimated 500, so I sat there and waited.

Sure enough within about 5 minutes a Military Police officer came out of the entrance where I was parked and asked me what I was up to and that they had received a complaint. I said I had dropped someone off earlier and had been taking people into Medicine Hat. He mentioned he had some crazy lady call and they had to respond, a Military Police cruiser then pulled up to assist the officer that was talking to me.

I said I am from Lethbridge and not Medicine Hat and that I didn't believe I was doing anything wrong, he mentioned something about a taxi war going on and I laughed assuring him I wasn't involved in any wars. He said I was fine to be there and allowed me to carry on with my day, meanwhile the cunt whore hooker looking taxi driver from Care Cabs in Medicine Hat left with a fare before the officer arrived.

I got a fare from there to Medicine Hat mall and continued on with my day.


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